We the News is a physical newsstand that collects and prints immigrants’ stories. It is by Lizania Cruz, with support from The Laundromat Project in collaboration with BAJI.

About Lizania Cruz:  Originally from the Dominican Republic, Lizania Cruz is a designer and artist based in Bed-Stuy, New York. In 2016, the Center for Urban Pedagogy selected her to collaborate with Vocal NYC on a poster design informing people with criminal records of their rights under the Fair Chance Act. Her work has received national recognition from organizations such as AIGA and TDC. Most recently, she launched Flowers for Immigration, a photo project that tells the stories of immigrant bodega workers through their flower arrangements. The project was featured on Fusion News, Lenny Letter, and KQED Arts.

A project created by Lizania Cruz in collaboration with BAJI, with support from The Laundromat Project